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Abrasives And Surface Preperation
Cabinet Sandpaper, Flexible Sanding Blocks, Emory Paper, Wet and Dry Sheets, Steel Wool, Backing Discs
Adhesives And Grout
General purpose glues, Glass and Ceramic, Leather, Epoxy, Latex, Impact, Glue Guns and Sticks, Plastics, Balsa, Wood Glue, Fabric Glue, Blue Tak, Construction adhesives, Wood glue, PVA
Dust Sheets And Tarpaulin
Cotton Dust Sheets, Tarps, Polythene Dust Sheets
Oil And Lubricants
Lubricating oil, Penetrating Oil, Heavy Grease, Graphite powder, Silicone Spray
Paint Brushes Rollers And Trays
Paint brushes, Paint Rollers, Paint Trays, Pads, Sleeves, Paint kettles, Block brushes, Masonry Brushes, Artist Brushes
Paints General Purpose
General Purpose Emulsion, Satin, Gloss paints, Undercoats and Primers
Paints Special Purpose
Blackboard paint, Brick and Tile Paint, Metal Paint, Appliance and Hi Heat Paints, Radiator Paints, Enamel Paints
Sealants Filler And Mortar
Fire cement, Silicone Sealant, Frame sealant, Caulking guns, Glazing Putty, Roof and Gutter,
Self Adhesive Tape And Pads
Self Adhesive tapes, Aluminium tape, Waterproofing tapes, Anti Slip Tapes, Duct Tapes, Flashing Tape, Carpet Tapes, Double Sided Tapes, Velcro, Sticky pads, Masking Tapes, Packing Tapes
Thinners And Turps
White spirit, Cellulose Thinners, Methylated Spirits, Turpentine
Wood Filler And Preservers
Wood filler, Plastic wood, Wood hardener, Flexible Fillers, Woodworm treatment, Creasote
Wood Stains, Oil , Wax And Varnish
Wood Stains, Floor Varnish, Interior Exterior Varnish, Lacquer, Yacht Varnish

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