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Click for full details.WD40 3 In 1 Lubricating Oil Can 100ml 44234
For Precision Application Use 3-in-one, The Worlds Favourite Drip Oil. Lubricates, Cleans And Prevents Rust. The Tin Can Is Strong And Durable, Whilst The Flexibility Of The Plastic Spout Enables You To Get Into Those Hard To Reach Places With No Overspray Or Splatter. Its A Toolkit In A Can.
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Click for full details.WD40 3 In 1 Multi Purpose Lubricating Oil Spray Aerosol 200ml 3 in 1
3-in-one Multi-purpose Oil Is A Specially Formulated Lubricating Oil. 3-in-one Multi-purpose Oils Unique Set Of Ingredients Enable It To Lubricate As Well As Protect Metal Surfaces. Use 3-in-one Multi-purpose Oil On In-line Skates, Tools, Bicycles, Rollers, Wheels, Skateboards, Fans, Hinges And Moving Parts...nearly Everything That Moves.
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Click for full details.WD40 3 In 1 Silicone Spray Lubricant Aerosol 400ml 0159
Is A Go-anywhere Lubricant With An Active Ingredient Providing Better Lubrication And Corrosion-inhibiting Performance. This No-mess Spray Is Long Lasting And Quick Drying And Is Great On Metal, Rubber, Wood, Vinyl, Electrical Parts And For Wet Environments And Marine Use. Its Also Nsf H2 Registered Making It Safe For Use In Food Related Environments. Lubricates: Doors, Locks, Hinges, Drawers, Windows, Tools, Latches, Switches, Linkages, Valves, Pulleys, Air Conditioners, Fans, Chains, Belts, Sport Equipment, F....
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Click for full details.Tetrosyl Carlube LM2 Multi-Purpose Grease 500g XMG500
Carlube Lithium 2 Multi-purpose Grease Is A Super Quality High Melting Point Lithium Based Grease Which Ensures Smooth Performance Wherever Greasing Is Required. It Provides High Resistance To Oxidation And Water Washout In Addition To Allowing Good Shear Stability. Carlube Lithium 2 Multi-purpose Grease Is Ideal For Many Automotive Applications Including The Lubrication Of Vehicle Chassis, Wheel Bearings, Pump Bearings, Universal Joints And Other Routine Applications.
£5.50 In stock
Click for full details.Am-Tech Grease Gun 200cc J2300
Lever Type Action For Use With Standard Grease Gun Cartridges And Bulk Delivery. Supplied Complete With Solid And Flexible Delivery Tube. Ideal For Automotive Or Industrial Applications. Professional Quality
£4.48 Limited Stock
Click for full details. GT85 Multi Purpose Lubricating Oil with PTFE 200ml
Gt85 Is A Tried And Tested Multi-purpose Lubricant, With Multiple Uses To Help Complete Tasks Around The Home And At Work. No Matter How Big Or Small The Project, Gt85 Gives You Everything You Need All In One Can. Product Benefits Loosens Rusted Parts Prevents Squeaking Ptfe Formula Helps Lubricate Drives Out Moisture From Electrical Systems Fast Acting Cleaner Versatile And Easy To Use Product Uses Lubricating And Cleaning Driving Out Moisture From Electrical Systems Starting Wet Engines
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Click for full details.WD40 Lubricating And Penetrating Oil Spray Aerosol 300ml
Wd-40 Protects Metal From Rust And Corrosion, Penetrates Stuck Or Jammed Parts, Displaces Moisture, And Lubricates Just About Anything. Wd-40 Is Also Great When It Comes To Cleaning Grease, Grime, And Other Marks From Most Surfaces.
£5.39 In stock

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