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Click for full details.Bayer Baby Bio Citrus Food 175ml 79532903
The Perfect Feed For All Types Of Citrus Plants. A Well Balanced Feed Including A Higher Level Of Potassium And Trace Elements Required For Healthy Plants, Good Flower And Fruit Production. Benefits No Need For Separate Summer And Winter Feed. Add 5-10 Drops With Summer Watering. Reduce Watering In The Winter.
£1.92 Limited Stock
Click for full details.Vitax Blood Fish and Bone 1.25kg 57102
Contains The Three Major Nutrients For Strong And Healthy Plant Growth Npk 5-5-6 The Nitrogen In Vitax Blood, Fish & Bone Encourages Strong Growth And Healthy Rich Green Foliage, Whilst The Slow Steady Release Of Phosphate Promotes Vigorous Root Growth. The Added Potash Promotes Flower Colour And Improves Ripening Of Fruit And Vegetables. Apply: As Required During The Growing Season. How To Use: Can Be Applied Prior To Sowing Or Planting. Can Be Applied As A Top Dressing As Required.
£2.98 Limited Stock
Click for full details.Vitax Calcified Seaweed 2.5Kg 08000
Calcified Sea Weed
£4.99 Limited Stock
Click for full details.Evergreen Complete Soluble Lawn Feed And Weed Killer 80sqm
Soluble Lawn Care Feeds Lawn Kills Weeds Kills Moss
Click for full details.Doff Concentrated Lawn Feed 1lt
A Fast Acting Liquid Fertiliser For All Turf. Contains All Essential Nutrients With Added Seaweed Extract And Iron. Apply Throughout The Growing Season To Maintain A Lush Healthy Lawn.
Click for full details.Vitax Garden Lime 3Kg 05392
Garden Lime
£3.49 Limited Stock
Click for full details.Sinclair Horticulture Garotta Compost Maker 1kg 01022
J Arthur Bowers Garotta Is Made From Naturally Occurring Microbes And Enzymes Which Help Speed Up The Decomposition Of Garden And Kitchen Waste. This In Turn Encourages The Temperature In The Compost Heap To Rise Which Also Helps To Kill Off Weed Seed. Garotta Is Harmless To Children, Pets And Wildlife And Its Fast Acting Nature Can Help You Benefit From Natural Rich Compost In Weeks.
£3.97 Limited Stock
Click for full details.Vitax General Purpose Fertiliser 1.25Kg 07121
General Purpose Fertiliser Balanced Multi-purpose Feed Perfect For Establishing New Lawns Ideal For Fruit And Vegetables
£2.98 Limited Stock
Click for full details.Johnsons Lawn Seed Shady Areas 500g 40050
Lawn Seed Shady Areas
Click for full details.Johnsons Lawn Seed Tuffgrass 500g JTGLS500
Tuffgrass Lawn Seed
Click for full details.Doff Lawn Spot Weeder 1L LQA0
Spot Weeder, Ready To Use Controls Clover And All Common Broad-leaved Lawn Weeds. Controls Buttercup, Clover, Dandelion And Most Broad-leaved Weeds In Lawns. Ready-to-use Formulation In A Convenient Trigger Spray Pack. Apply Directly On To Weeds Throughout The Season. Contains: 2,4-d, Mecoprop-p And Dichlorprop-p
Click for full details.Bayer Multirose Concentrate 400ml
Multirose Concentrate
£5.63 Limited Stock
Click for full details.Vitax Organic Liquid Strawberry Feed 1L 5SF1
A Concentrated High Potash Liquid Feed Containing Naturally Ocurring Nutrients And Essential Trace Elements. Vitax Organic Strawberry Fertiliser Provides A Steady Supply Of Natural Nutrients, Promoting Strong, Healthy Growth And Increased Yields. Ideal For Use In Strawberry Tubs. Also Suitable For Other Soft Fruits. Apply: In The Spring And Throughout The Growing Season. How To Use: Use Weekly. Dilute According To Instructions And Apply To Plants In Place Of Normal Watering.
Click for full details.Vitax Organic Multi Purpose Feed 2Kg 65325
Organic Multi Purpose Feed
£4.93 Limited Stock
Click for full details.Bayer Path Weedkiller Concentrate 8 satchet 05529
A Systemic Broad Spectrum Weed Killer Offering Season Long Control Of Weeds On Gravel Paths And Drives In The New Soluble Sachet Formulation. Kills Common Weeds Down To Their Roots And Can Prevent New Weeds From Germinating. Can Also Be Used Around All Trees And Woody Ornamental Shrubs, Around The Base Of Walls And Sheds Or On Other Waste Ground. Benefits Kills Weeds Right Down To The Roots. Season Long Control Preventing New Weeds From Growing Back For A Least 4 Months (up To 6 Months In Ideal Condi....
Click for full details.Vitax SBK Brushwood Killer 125ml 5BK125
The Tough Weedkiller For Brambles, Thistles, Nettles And Tree Stumps Kills Weeds Not Grass A Selective Weedkiller For Brambles, Nettles, Dock, Woody Weeds And Hardwood Saplings In Grass And Other Neglected Non-crop Areas. Sbk Has Become The Household Name For The Effective Control Of Woody Weeds, Tough Weeds And Even Unwanted Tree Stumps. Sbk Brushwood Killer Does Not Kill Grass. Contains Triclopyr Apply: Tough Weeds And Hard Wood Saplings From May To October. For Woody Weeds Apply June August. Tree S....
£4.86 Limited Stock
Click for full details.Bayer Solos All Purpose Plant Food 25 x 10g SOLOS
Phostrogen Solos 25 Individual Sachets. Each Sachet Mixes Upto 1 Can Of All Purpose Plant Food.
£4.56 Limited Stock
Click for full details.Vitax Sulphate Of Ammonia 1.25Kg 06320
Sulphate Of Ammonia
£2.94 Limited Stock
Click for full details.Vitax Sulphate of Potash 1.25Kg 6SP125
A Quick Acting Fertiliser To Boost Flowering And Ripening Of Fruit The Fast Acting Fertiliser Which Provides The Essential Nutrient Potassium. Provides Greater Strength And Vigour In Plants Leading To Improved Resistance To Weather And Disease. Potash Promotes The Development And Colour Of Flowers, Resulting In High Quality Blooms And More Abundant Fruit Yields. Vitax Sulphate Of Potash Is Particularly Beneficial To Tomatoes. Apply: Throughout The Growing Season How To Use: * Apply Evenly At T....
£4.90 Limited Stock
Click for full details.Doff Super Strength Weed Killer 10 sachet
Doff Knockdown Super Strength Weed Killer Includes 10x Packets Size 100ml Each Kills Weeds And Roots Perfect For The Garden
£9.94 Out of Stock
Click for full details.Scotts Tomorite 500ml 4469
Liquid Tomato Fertiliser With Seaweed Extract, For Top Quality Full Flavored Tomatoes.also Ideal For Special Food Crops Such As Sweet Peppers And Aubergines.
£2.41 Limited Stock
Click for full details.Weedol Weed Killer Pathclear 18 Tubes
Weed Killer
£19.62 Limited Stock
Click for full details.Doff WeedKiller Glyphosate Concentrate 3 x 100ml 00465
Glyphosate Concentrate Weed Killer

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