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Citric Acid Powder Natural Appliance Descaler 250g
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Dri Pak Citric Acid Powder Natural Appliance Descaler (250g )
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Limescale remover to protect both your appliances and your bank balance.

Citric Acid is a descaler made of natural acid, commonly found in citrus fruits.
Citric Acid around the house…

In the UK many parts of the country are in hard water areas. The white deposits that build up on kettle elements are perhaps the most instantly recognisable sign of limescale deposits - but they can also be found on taps, showerheads and even in the grout between tiles. And then there are limescale deposits that cant be seen - such as in coffee machines, washing machines, steam irons and the heating elements of sterilisers for babies bottles.

To protect your appliances, you should descale them regularly to prevent build up; the harder your water, the more regularly it will need doing. If limescale is left untreated, your energy bills will rise as electricity is used to heat the limescale first, and will eventually build up will cause appliances to break down altogether.
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