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Click for full details. De-Ionised Water For Steam Irons 1l DW1L
Purified Water (distilled) Removed Of Mineral Salts For Lead Acid Battery Maintenance And Steam Irons. Prevents Furring And Scale Formation And Prolongs The Life Of The Appliance Due To Scale Accumulation From Salts Fou....
£1.50 In stock
Click for full details.151 Fabric Magic Tumble Dryer Sheets 16cm x 21cm 40PC FM001
1 Pack Of 40 Dryer Sheets. Conditions, Softens And Freshens All Of Your Washing. Simply Place A Sheet In Your Tumble Dryer Along With The Washed Clothes And Dry As Normal.
£0.88 Limited Stock
Click for full details.Dri Pak Household Borax Substitute 500g DPBOR
A Naturally Occurring Mineral Made Of Sodium, Boron, Oxygen And Water. Add To Dishwasher To Remove Grease. Cleans Sinks And Drains. Helps Remove Dirt And Stains From Clothes. Dishwashing, Cleaning, Laundry. To Treat A....
£2.10 In stock
Click for full details.Bio-D Laundry Bleach Powder 400g 257530
An Oxygen Based Antibacterial And Sanitizing In-wash Whitener, Odour And Stain Remover. Does Not Contain Chlorine Bleaching Agents. To Be Used In Conjunction With Bio-d Laundry Liquid Or Washing Powder To Remove Stains ....
£2.45 In stock
Click for full details.Dylon Laundry Colour Run Remover 2 Sachet 8976
Hand Use, Restores Items Stained By Colour Runs, For Use On Whites And Some Coloureds,each Sachet Is Sufficent To Treat 500g Of Fabric Or Two Shirts.
£2.18 Limited Stock
Click for full details.Vilene Laundry Iron Sole Plate Cleaner 912
Is The Sole Plate Of Your Iron Dirty, Scorched And Transferring To The Clothes You Iron. Wipe Off Those Scorch, Starch And Burn Marks With This Handy 912 Vilene Iron Cleaner. For Best Results From Your Vilene Iron Cle....
£2.74 Limited Stock
Click for full details.Bio-D Liquid Laundry Detergent NonBio 1000ml 19536
A Versatile, Non-biological Concentrated Laundry Liquid For Use In Automatics, Twin-tubs And For Washing Delicate Fabrics By Hand. Mixes Instantly. Can Be Used In Hot Or Cool Water. Fragrance Free. Made In The....
£4.98 In stock
Click for full details.Bio-D Naturally Derived Fabric Conditioner Juniper Scent 1000ml 257574
A Versatile Concentrated Fabric Conditioner Using Essential Oils To Leave Clothes Soft, Static-free And Delicately Fragranced. For Use In Automatics, Twin-tubs And For Conditioning Delicate Fabrics By Hand. Made....
£2.65 Out of Stock
Click for full details.Dr Beckmann Service It Power Descaler
As Limescale Builds Up In Your Machine And Appliances, Performance Is Reduced, Energy Consumption Increases And Damage Can Occur In Pipes And Elements. Dr. Beckmann Service-it Power Descaler Is A Highly Effective Lime....
£2.99 Limited Stock
Click for full details.Astonish Stain Remover Soap Bar For Clothes Carpets And UpHolstery 75g 2990
Removes Stains Without Bleach. Easy To Use. Removes Stubborn Grime, Grease And Stains From Clothes, Carpets And Upholstery. Can Be Used As Laundry Pre-wash. Contains No Harmful Chemicals Or Bleach. Biodegradable, Removes....
£1.28 Limited Stock
Click for full details.Bio-D Washing Powder NonBio 1kg 19569
A Versatile, Non-biological Concentrated Washing Powder For Use In Automatics, Twin-tubs And For Washing By Hand. Contains Non-polluting Zeolites. Made In The Uk Sustainable, Naturally Derived Raw Materi....
£4.45 Out of Stock

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