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Moth Proofer Pouches 20PC
Part No. 8761
Discontinued Vapona Moth Proofer Pouches ( 20PC)
Original formula 20 x anti moth proofer pouches. Provides protection for clothes, linens and fabrics from damaging effects of moths. The unique sachet material controls the diffusion of the active ingredients to ensure consistent performance and long life. With visual end of life indication each active ball will last up to 3 months.

Economic and Effective
20 units with a new formula to ensure long periods of prevention and treatment against moths, larvae and eggs. Stored in a resealable clear bag to prserve the effectiveness of the active balls when not in use.

Practical and Clean
No direct contact with the product. Place the sachets in closets and drawers between clothing or directly in their pockets. The sachets do not stain.

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