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Copydex Latex Solvent Free Adhesive Tube 50ml
Part No. 260918
Discontinued Henkel Copydex Latex Solvent Free Adhesive Tube (50ml )
A 50ml tube of Copydex glue. A long time favorite for crafts, fabric and general DIY use. Strong and versatile naturally rubber based latex adhesive which is solvent and acid free.

Suitable For
Paper, card, wood, plastics, metal, cork, fabric, carpets, leather, canvas and many other materials, Ideal for reperaing clothing and upholstery, making toys, puppets, mobiles and collages etc.

How to use
On paper, card and wood. Apply to one surface only, press together firmly. On non-porpous surfaces (such as plastics, metal, cork), fabrics and carpets apply sparingly and evenly to each surface to be bonded. Allow adhesive to dry until it becomes touch dry ( 15 - 20 minutes ). Then bring together firmly.

Care Instructions
Test a sample if in doubt. Accidental spillages should be removed from fabrics and carpets immediately by, soaking with cold water and rubbing gently. Dried Copydex may be difficult to remove. It can be loosened by rubbing with a pencil rubber. Bonding is resistant to normal washing machine cycles, but not resistant to dry cleaning.

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