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Copper Tube And Pipe Clips
Copper Pipe Lengths, Brass pipe clips, Plastic snap on pipe clips , schoolboard pipe clips
Heating Parts And Spares
Motorised Zone Valves
Pipe Fittings Compression
Brass and Chrome standard 15 - 28mm compression pipe fittings, lead to copper adapters, Tap adaptors, Compression sleeves and blanking caps
Pipe Fittings Copper
Copper solder ring pipe fittings, Straights, Tees, Tap connectors, Elbows, Stop ends, End Feed Fittings
Pipe Fittings Flexible / Rubber
Pipe Fittings Flexible Tap Connectors
A selection of Tap to compression, Compression only, Tap only, Pushfit and monoblock flexible pipe connectors
Pipe Fittings Gutter / Rainwater Plastic
Pipe Fittings Iron
Pipe Fittings Pan Connectors
Pipe Fittings Plastic Overflow
Pipe Fittings Plastic Pushfit
A range of JG speedfit plastic pushfit plumbing fittings and Yorkshire tectite pushfit fittings
Pipe Fittings Soil And Drainage
Pipe Fittings Soil And Drainage Solvent
Pipe Fittings Soil Underground
Pipe Fittings Solvent Weld
Pipe Fittings Threaded Brassware
General threaded brass fittings, Nipples, Backnuts, Reducers, Bushings, Blanking caps, Sockets and plugs
Pipe Fittings Traps And Multifit
Plumbing Sundries
Radiators Valves And Spares
Shower Heads Hoses And Parts
Sink Bath Parts Traps And Wastes
Tap Spares And Replacement Heads
Taps And Shower Controls Thermostatic
Thermostats Room / Pipe / Cylinder
Time Switches And Programmers
Toilet And Cistern Parts
Valves And Stopcocks
Water and Gas Stop cocks and isolating valves
Washers, O Rings And Jubilee Clips
Washing Machine Appliance Pipe Fittings

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