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Bolt Cutters, Snips Scissors
Tin Snips, Bolt Cutters, Scissors
Bricklaying Plastering And Tile
Brick Lines, Builders Chalk, Trowels, Tile Cutters, Glass Cutters, Grout Removers, Joint Rakers, Plumb bobs, Tile Spacers
Bolster, Flooring, Cold and Wood chisels
Cutting And Grinding Discs
Discs for use in saws and angle grinders for cutting or grinding metal, stone and tile
Drill Accessories
Drill Bits Masonry
Standard and SDS drill bits for brick tile and stone. Flat and pointed masonry chisels for SDS machines. Core Drill cutters and arbours
Drill Bits Multi Purpose HSS
General Purpose High Speed Drill bits for cutting in Metal, Wood And Plastics
Drill Bits Tile Mirror And Glass
Chisel edge and diamond tipped bits for cutting in glass, tile and porcelain
Drill Bits Wood And Composite
Flat, Auger, Long General Purpose bits for use with wood and laminate materials. Countersink bits, Hinge hole cutters.
Electrical Wire Soldering
Soldering Irons, Electrical Solder, Wire Crimps, Wire Strippers, Volt Meters, Battery Testers
Files Planes Sharpening
Block Planes, Wood Rasps, Metal Files, Sharpening Stones
Hammering and Prying
Centre Punches, Nail Punches, Hammers, Mallets, Crowbars
Hand Saws
Bow Saws, Hacksaws, Wallboard, Handsaws
Measuring And Marking
Combination Squares, Tape Measures, Spirit Levels, Rulers.
Saw Blades
Circular Saw Blades, Hacksaw blades, Jigsaw Blades, Tile saw blades
Scrapers & Filling Knives
Screwdrivers And Bits
Sockets Spanners And Ratchets
Staple Rivot & Hole Punches
Tool Bags Belts Storage Ladders
Utility Knives And Blades
Vice Clamp And Pickup
Wire Brushes
Wrenches And Pliers

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