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Click for full details.Vitax Garden Lime 3Kg 05392
Garden Lime Limited Stock
Click for full details.Sinclair Horticulture Garotta Compost Maker 1kg 01022
J Arthur Bowers Garotta Is Made From Naturally Occurring Microbes And Enzymes Which Help Speed Up The Decomposition Of Garden And Kitchen Waste. This In Turn Encourages The Temperature In The Compost Heap To Rise Which Also Helps To Kill Off Weed Seed. Garotta Is Harmless To Children, Pets And Wildlife And Its Fast Acting Nature Can Help You Benefit From Natural Rich Compost In Weeks. Limited Stock
Click for full details.Vitax Organic Multi Purpose Feed 2Kg 65325
Organic Multi Purpose Feed Limited Stock
Click for full details.Vitax Sulphate Of Ammonia 1.25Kg 06320
Sulphate Of Ammonia Limited Stock
Click for full details.Vitax Sulphate of Potash 1.25Kg 6SP125
A Quick Acting Fertiliser To Boost Flowering And Ripening Of Fruit The Fast Acting Fertiliser Which Provides The Essential Nutrient Potassium. Provides Greater Strength And Vigour In Plants Leading To Improved Resistance To Weather And Disease. Potash Promotes The Development And Colour Of Flowers, Resulting In High Quality Blooms And More Abundant Fruit Yields. Vitax Sulphate Of Potash Is Particularly Beneficial To Tomatoes. Apply: Throughout The Growing Season How To Use: * Apply Evenly At T.... Limited Stock

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