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Central Heating Protector F1 Superconcentrate 290ml
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Fernox Central Heating Protector F1 Superconcentrate (290ml )

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Fernox Superconcentrate Central Heating Protector F1 gives long term protection of domestic central heating systems against internal corrosion and limescale formation. It prevents corrosion of all metals found in these systems i.e. ferrous metals, copper and copper alloys and aluminium. It is suitable for all types of boiler, radiator and pipework systems. Fernox Superconcentrate Central Heating Protector F1 is compatible with all metals and materials commonly used in central heating systems.

Main Features
Central Heating Protector F1 for mixed-metal domestic central heating systems
Protects against corrosion and limescale
Prevents boiler noise
Stops frequent venting of radiators
Extends system life
Prevents sticking pumps
Saves on fuel bills
Reduces maintenance costs
Maintains system efficiency
Prevents cold spots in radiators
Easily and quickly added via one of the radiators
Ideal for pressurised systems and combination boilers
Universal applicator included
Non toxic, environmentally friendly
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