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Click for full details.Polycell Brush Cleaner 500ml 2085633
Brush Cleaner, The Easy Way To Get Brushes And Rollers Clean.
£5.76 In stock
Click for full details.Rustins Cellulose Thinners 300ml CELT250
For Thinning All Makes Of Cellulose Paint And Cleaning Brushes And Equipment After Use. A Special Blend Of Pure Solvents That Will Mix With Any Make Of Cellulose Lacquer. It Does Not Contain Any Xylol, Toluene Or Any Other Petroleum Derivative And Is Not Classified As A Petroleum Mixture. A Blend Of Ketones And Alcohols Ideal For Cleaning Spray Guns And Brushes That Have Been Used With Cellulose Lacquers.
£5.99 In stock
Click for full details.Rustins Driers Terebene For Paint And Varnish 300ml 54004
A Special Blend Of Chemicals To Speed The Drying Of Oil And Alkyd Paints And Varnishes. Particularly Recommend For Adding To Old Paint And Varnish That Has Been Kept For A Long Time And Has Become Slow Drying.
£4.99 In stock
Click for full details.Bartoline Mineralised Methylated Spirits 500ml 55590000
Methylated Spirits. Also Known As Denatured Alcohol. Contains Ethanol And Methanol. Typically Used As Camping Fuel But Can Also Be Useful In Removing Permanent Marker Ink From Metals, Glass And Some Plastics. As A Solvent For Thinning Oil Based Paint. Cleaning Brushes. Removing Sticky Residue
£3.24 In stock
Click for full details.Henkel Nitromors All Purpose Paint And Varnish Remover 750ml 261168
Ideal For Wood, Metal And Masonry. Doors, Windows, Frames, Skirtings, Railings, Fireplaces, Gates. Non-drip Gel For Vertical Surfaces E.g., Skirting Boards. Water Washable. Quick And Easy. Removes Gloss And Other Decorative Paints, Varnishes, Metal And Car Paints.
£13.70 In stock
Click for full details.Bartoline Pure Turpentine 500ml
For Mixing Artists Oil Colours. Ideal For Dissolving Beeswax To Make A Wax Polish.
£7.92 In stock
Click for full details.Mangers Sugar Soap Powder 10L MSS10P
Mangers Sugar Soap Is A Highly Effective Cleaner Which Is Ideal For Preparing Surfaces For Repainting. It Leaves The Surface Chemically Clean So That A Fresh Coat Of Paint Adheres Readily - Paint Will Not Adhere To A Greasy Or Improperly Cleaned Surface. Its Powerful Cleaning Action Means It Can Be Used To Clean Heavily Soiled And Contaminated Surfaces, As Well As For A Wide Number Of Other Jobs, Including Household Cleaning, Although It Is Not Suitable For Use On Textiles, Fabrics And Furnishings. The Low-foam For....
£3.25 Out of Stock
Click for full details.Bartoline White Spirit 2lt 19925020
White Spirit Is Suitable For Cleaning Gloss Paint And Varnish Covered Brushes, Thinning Solvent-borne Paints And Varnishes And For General Cleaning Purposes.
£4.98 In stock
Click for full details.Bartoline White Spirit 750ml 19925070
White Spirit Is A Highly Solvent Meeting The Requirements Of Bs245. Suitable For General Cleaning Purposes, Brush Cleaning And Paint Thinning. It Is More Suitable For Paint Thinning Than Other Solvents As It Will Not Affect The Drying Time Of Oil Based Paints. Contains Naptha (petroleum), Hydrodesulfurized Heavy E.c No. 265-185-4
£2.86 In stock

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