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Insulating Glazing Film 1.8m
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Exitex Insulating Glazing Film (1.8m )

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Insulating Glazing Film. Complete with double sided fixing tape.

1. Hands must be absolutely clean when applying the film. Avoid touching the inner surface of the film or the exposed adhesive tape.

2. Wash glass and dry thoroughly using a clean cloth.

3. Clean window frame thoroughly removing dust and grease.

4. Cut adhsesive tape to lengths required and apply to top, bottom and sides of window frame. If the room is very cold, warm the window frame with a hairdryer before applying the tape.

5. Note: The film supplied is double folded
Unfold and cut the film slightly larger than the taped are of the window. Ensure that the inside fold of the film faces the window ready for application.

6. Remove backing paper from tape and press film firmly into place along the length of the tape. Keep the film as smooth as possible to avoid wrinkles.

7. Important allow approx 30 minutes for the tape adhesive to cure before proceeding to the next step.

8. Holding a hairdryer a few inches away from the film, apply heat starting at the top and working downwards. Keep the hairdryer moving around all the time until the film tightens and wrinkles smooth out.

9. Leave the film to cool for 10 minutes then flick it lightly with your fingers: If it makes a drum sound the fitting is complete

10. Trim of surplus film overlapping adhesive tape.
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