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High Speed Twist Drill Bit 8mm
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Part No. DT5052-QZ
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DeWalt High Speed Twist Drill Bit (8mm )

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Extreme 2 HSS drill bit suitable for portable drilling of steel, alloyed and non-alloyed up to 900 N/mm2. For drilling sheet or thin materials (suitable for use in wood and plastics).

Main Features
Diameter 8mm
Overall Length 117mm
Working Length 72mm
Faster drilling - up to 4x faster than standard HSS-R drill bits.
Increased durability - up to 50% stronger than standard HSS-R drill bits.
Cleaner, more accurate, burr-free holes due to recessed cutting wings.
Innovative tapered web greatly reduces breakage.
No-Slip shank with 3 flats eliminates slipping in chuck (dia 5.0mm and above only).
Gold Ferrous Oxide coating prevents overheating for longer bit life
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